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Incontinence ... a topic that people are reluctant to talk about, but which nevertheless affects almost 80% of all people of advanced age.

Incontinence means that you can no longer hold urine or stool - some of it passes uncontrollably. The causes of this can be very diverse. For example, urinary incontinence is usually due to a disorder in the finely tuned system of bladder muscles, sphincters and pelvic floor muscles.

And this is exactly where our Powerpants has a stimulating effect on muscle and nerve cells.

Our Solution

The Revolutionary POWERPANTS
for women & men

Regain control and confidence.

With integrated muscle stimulation, Powerpants not only combat incontinence, but also prevent it.

Experience the freedom and confidence you have knowing your pelvic floor muscles are supported by our cutting-edge technology.

Strength and well-being after pregnancy: 

Discover our innovation for targeted pelvic floor stimulation!

After pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles are often weakened, which can lead to various challenges. Our Powerpants combines cutting-edge technology with comfort to help you support your body in a gentle but most effective way.

Experience Significant, Lasting Improvement With Consistent Use.

Powerpants are more than a short-term remedy; they're a sustainable, long-term solution. When integrated into daily routines, these shorts offer continuous muscle stimulation and effectively combat incontinence.

With consistent use, they can proactively prevent incontinence, enhancing user comfort and confidence.

Intense pleasure through a strong pelvic floor!

Discover a sexual life and experience your body connection in a new way. With a strengthened pelvic floor, you'll achieve more intense intimacy.

Our specialized pelvic floor workout will lift your muscles to a new level of pleasure. For couples or self-discoverers - train your pelvic floor and enjoy the benefits. Experience a more sensual side of your sexual life. 

How it works

3 Steps to set up your Powerpants

Simply put on

Put on your Powerpants and turn on the Powerpants control unit.

Select intensity

Select the desired intensity level and duration of electrostimulation stimulation.

Tense and relax

Relax and let the Powerpants work their magic on your pelvic floor muscles

Powerpants description

Introducing the Groundbreaking  Innovation

What is the Powerpants suitable for?

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to actively prevent incontinence or reactivating the muscle groups to counteract existing incontinence.


What our customers say

Karen Keen

Miami, USA

These pants designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles are an absolute asset.

Not only do they offer a comfortable and supportive fit, allowing me to effortlessly perform my exercises at home, but they also provide me with a targeted approach to muscle training, which goes a long way in enhancing my self-confidence. With these pants, I've found a convenient and effective solution to my muscle-strengthening journey that's truly transformative.

John Fernández 

Madrid, Spain

I'm thoroughly impressed with these muscle-strengthening pants for mild incontinence. At 70, I've been searching for discreet ways to manage this issue.

Since training with them, I've seen remarkable improvement in my pelvic muscles and bladder control, restoring my confidence and freedom.

The simplicity is key - wearing them during daily activities has made a huge difference. This small change has greatly improved my quality of life.

To my peers facing similar challenges, don't hesitate to try these pants. It's never too late for comfort and control. This product is a true blessing, highly recommended. Thank you for changing my life!

Ingrid Schneider

Hannover, Germany

"... I recommend the Powerpants to everyone in his sixties..."

Maria Albrecht

Berlin, Germany

I'm 80 years and my daughter always looking for health solutions. The pants were recommended to me and they have exceeded my expectations.

After weeks of consistent use, I've noticed significant progress in my pelvic floor muscles. Even my doctor has observed the improvements.

A fantastic way to enhance my health without a lot of effort. For women in my age, or even younger, group facing similar challenges, I wholeheartedly recommend these pants. Thanks for such innovative products that can positively impact our lives!


Your personal starter Set

Powerpants INCON GUARD
Powerpants INCON GUARD
Powerpants INCON GUARD
Powerpants INCON GUARD
Powerpants INCON GUARD
Powerpants INCON GUARD


The perfect addition

Amplify your workout success with the convenience of a quick and easy EMS controller switch!

This unique feature allows you to effortlessly shift your EMS Controller from your Powerpants to the optional EMS Powerbelt as the perfect addition.

It's not just about saving time, it's about optimizing your workout to effectively train and strengthen your muscles and lower back.

Train smarter, not harder, with the ultimate flexibility of the EMS Powerbelt!

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