About Us

At the beginning of a vision is an idea.

The original ideafor the creation of a wireless EMS system was to provide EMS training to anybody who wanted it.

EMS training is designed to enhance your workout sessions, not to be a static alternative to the EMS training currently in use. Instead of conducting training in front of a machine with a long cable, you can now do group training with functional exercises wherever you want.


Suits from own production

Visionbody is developing the world’s first EMS suit tailored to individual needs in 2020. In March 2020, Visionbody will open a production facility to manufacture the suit. The EMS suit is produced on ultra-modern machines and glued rather than sewn. The new technique creates a much more durable, comfortable suit than previous ones.

Our most recent milestones

Start suit production

(March 2020) The goal of Visionbody Technologies GmbH was always to become independent from external suppliers. This last step was accomplished with the construction of the own suit factory in. After 6 months of planning and despite the delay due to the corona virus, production could start from 15.3.2020. Here 25 employees are employed.

Move to Düsseldorf

(August 2020) In August 2020, Visionbody has moved its headquarter to Düsseldorf.

Visionbody 3.0

(March 2022) The Visionbody version 3.0 is the new heart of Visionbody. Unique features and a new connection plate make this version so incomparable. Permanent heart rate measurement and a movement generator are only two of the new USP's that make Visionbody stand out from the competition.